Titans Help Save Lives

Posted on 10/27/2015

By: Ciera Russell, Titan Times

The Red Cross collected 22 units of blood at last week’s SGA blood drive.

“We had 36 people come out and try,” said Ms. Cathirell, SGA advisor. 

The next blood drive will be held in January. Offering students an opportunity to give blood is very important to Ms. Cathirell.

 “I really admire the kids here at New Town, because they want to give blood,” she added.  “They understand that they can make a difference and save someone’s life.”

 She also says overcoming her fear of giving blood makes her feel proud.

 “At first I was scared to give blood. My mother even discouraged me to do so,” said Mrs. Cathirell. “But, I realized my fear was illogical. Therefore, when I started hosting blood drives here at New Town, I gave blood. It made me feel really good about myself, because I was saving lives.”

Students who give three times will receive a red cord for graduation! Can’t give blood? Not a problem! Get three others to give blood in your name.