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New Town High School is honored to be the first high school in the state of Maryland to be a National AVID Demonstration School as well an an AVID Site of Distinction.

AVID is a four-year college readiness system. The AVID program at NTHS works to prepare our students for success at a four year college or university. 9th and 10th graders who are not currently enrolled in our AVID Program are encouraged to apply to be an AVID Scholar during the next school year. To apply, click on the link below:


The 10 Expectations of an NTHS AVID Student
As an AVID Scholar, you should…
* want to go to a four year college,
* want to achieve the best grades possible,
* be willing to study, read and write EVERY night,
* be willing to enroll in the AVID Elective course all four years as well as take honors, GT and AP courses,
* be willing to come to school and go to class AT LEAST 96% of the time,
* achieve AT LEAST a 2.00 grade point average your first year in high school,
* be willing to change bad habits and create new ones,
* be willing to carry a large 3-ring binder to every class every day,
* see the value in being tutored every week and participate willingly and with enthusiasm,
* be passionate about learning, setting goals, and becoming more than you are now!
Applications are due Friday, February 7, 2020.

For more information about the national AVID program, please visit The AVID Website. If you have questions about the New Town High School AVID program, please contact Mrs. Kathy Albert, AVID Coordinator (

Our Team

Mrs. Kathy Albert
AVID Coordinator
AVID 11 & 12

Mr. Robert Shields
AVID 9 & 10

AVID Site Team Members
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Mrs. Bartel
Ms. Bernstein
Mr. Hammer
Mr. Kopec

Ms. Muller

Mr. O'Connor

Mrs. Rollins

Mrs. Ross

Mr. Soler

Mrs. Wrede
Ms. Sifford (Parent Member)

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