English Language Arts

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New Town High School English Language Arts Department


OWL at Purdue

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University as an excellent resource for writing of any kind. Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of this amazing resource to help your writing.

Towson University Online Writing Support

A great writing resource from Towson University. It will allow you to review any and every writing/grammar concept you need to know to be College and Career Ready!

The English Page Grammar Tutorials

Need some grammar help? Need to look up a grammar rule? Look no further!

SAT Help 

 Laura Bartel
 Nettie Christian
 Marlo Confer
 Jessica Conway
 Ashley Corbett
 Arlo Horton
 Alice Jones
 Rachel Morris
 Dana Panczenko
 Becky Plovan
 Kristen Roll
 Chris Sneeringer