Special Education

Questions? Contact Ms. Nettie Christian, Special Education Department Chair([email protected]) or Ms. Louise Coakley, IEP Team Chair ([email protected])

 Nicole Beckford
Nicole Beckford: Special Education/Inclusion English

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 Candace Brown
Candace Brown: Communication & Learning Support (CLS)

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Greetings Titan family! I am a former student turned teacher. In 2016, I began working at NTHS and I am currently in my second-year of teaching. I graduated from the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University, followed by a master's degree in Special Education. I have a huge passion for education and children and I look forward to my continued career in education.

Nettie Christian
Nettie Christian, Special Education Department Chair
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Louise Coakley Louise Coakley, IEP Team Chair
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Iman Cue

Iman Cue: Special Education/Inclusion Math

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 Gerrod Dixon Gerrod Dixon: Special Education/Inclusion Math
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 Taylor Dorr Taylor Dorr: Communication & Learning Support (CLS)
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 Todd Dunn Todd Dunn: Special Education/Inclusion Social Studies
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 Michellaine Fields
Michellaine Fields: Special Education/Inclusion English

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I just realized I have been a special educator for over 30 years. I enjoy the challenge. My family is from South Carolina, but I was born and raised right here in Baltimore. Prior becoming an educator, I was in the entertainment industry working as a vocalist. That was interesting. I love to travel out of the US, but I hate flying because I always manage to get on flights that have a lot of turbulence. The pandemic has put a stop to my travels. My less costly hobbies include reading and doing needle crafts. I still try to spend as much time as possible with my family. They are my first true love.

Cristelyne Galutira

Cristelyne Galutira: Special Education/Inclusion Science


James Hill-Browne  
James Hill-Browne: Special Education/Inclusion Math

Karen Hunt-Reynolds
Karen Hunt-Reynolds: Communication & Learning Support (CLS)

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Hi, I am Mrs. Hunt-Reynolds! I teach Life Skills in the Communications Learning Support (CLS) Program. I also, work with my students with reading, math, and vocational job skills training. I’m a native New Yorker but have lived in Maryland for 30 years. I attended the University of Delaware and received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I also attended Coppin University where I received my training to become a certified Special Educator. In addition to working with my awesome students in the CLS program I’m also the coach for the Allied Sports Program (soccer, bowling, and softball), I’m a mentor with the Sisters of Synergy Female Mentoring Group, and a class advisor for the magnificent, dope class of 2023. My passion is working with students to cultivate their gifts and talents so that they will reach their full promise.

Rhonda Nick
Rhonda Nick: Special Education/Inclusion Science
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 Nicole Powell Nicole Powell: Communication & Learning Support (CLS)
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Kimisha Robinson
Kimisha Robinson: Special Education/Inclusion English

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Nadine Seeney
Nadine Seeney: Special Education/Inclusion Social Studies

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