This rigorous educational program prepares student for rewarding careers in the dynamic field of computer networking and provides students with the foundational skills, advance knowledge needed to work in the technology and networking fields. 

Job Outlook
Employment is expected to grow much faster than the average, and job prospects should be excellent.

Employment Change
Overall employment of computer network, systems, and database administrators is projected to increase by 30 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations. In addition will add 286,600 new jobs over that period (Source: Computer Network, Systems and Database Administrators article)

Salaries by Job Role
IT Manager ($49,475 -$124,894 *)
Network Administrator ($39,752 -$77,888*)
Help Desk Professional: Tier 2 ($32,499 -$62,187*)
Technician ($22,856- $54,177 *)

Salaries By Popular Certification
CompTIA-A+ ($82,270**)

(Source: Pay Scale Human Capital Survey*/ Jobs and Salary Annual Salary Survey 2016**)

• An opportunity to learn more about PC hardware and software, Computer repair and networking, and the technology career field.
• Get a head start on college courses
• Save dollars and time on college tuition
• Feed their passion for computers technology knowledge and skills
• Be able to install, repair and maintain home, school and business computer networks

• Provide their children an opportunity to grow and develop their talents and interests in computer technology
• Feel that your children’s education and career awareness needs are being met.
• Help your child get a head start into college by earning college credits toward a degree at Community College Baltimore County (CCBC) 

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